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14th-19th Century Native American Indians: The Basics

The other half of this unlikely duo SACANTICS is inspired by is the 14th-19th Century Native American Indians.

The earliest ancestors of Native Americans are known as Paleo-Indians. These early Paleo-Indians spread throughout the Americas, diversifying into many hundreds of culturally distinct nations and tribes. 881 in particular have been accounted for since their arrival over 13,000 years ago.

Each tribe and nation was and is unique in its own way, adapting to live and survive depending on the environment around them. Varying from hunting game, deer, fish, bison, and living nomadically to building stationary homes and growing crops.

Though from 1492 onwards after Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas and the introduction of European colonists, the Native American Indians way of life dramatically changed, and for the worst.

European colonists came and exploited as well as oppressed Native American Indians for centuries. This was through warfare, disease, ethnic cleansing and slavery, which resulted in one of the world’s greatest atrocities and biggest genocides known to this day.

To me 14th-19th Century Native American Indians were honourable, spiritual and fearless people. They cared, provided and fought for their loved ones and people whatever the stakes, appreciating the world for what it was and what for what it gave them in a way that is unique like no other. Their beautiful culture and ideology of the world is something to be inspired by and listened to.

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