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The origins of the clothing brand ‘SACANTICS’ is a mixture of multiple factors and experiences that have happened in my life. Everything from my brief spell working in London, my cousin’s wedding jacket, my desire to do something creative, my aspiration to do something I enjoy and believe in, and most importantly, my Uncle Clive, have all contributed to the creation of this brand. Some in a subtle way, some in a ‘meant to be’ kind of way and some in a monumental way. And undoubtedly, my Uncle Clive is one of which who contributed in a monumental way.


Therefore it’s only right I begin with the story with the man himself, Clive Mumford. To me Uncle Clive was a one of a kind. He was everything an Uncle should be, and more. I remember countless trips to the cinema, priceless Christmas’s spent together, and many trips to watch me play football growing up - He was an amazing Uncle who dedicated so much of his life to bringing joy, happiness and adventures to his family.


Amongst the humour and kindness was Clive’s originality and wackiness, which unless you’re a distant relative of the Mumford’s, is quite hard to explain without sounding mad. But this is where 'SACANTICS' comes in. Put simply, 'SACANTICS' was a word Clive made up. It was a word he would say when we were discussing future family gatherings, when he was happy or just saying goodbye - “Gotta go, SACANTICOS!”


Growing up, me and my cousins were extremely close to Clive. He went above and beyond for his family, and provided countless laughs and happy memories. So it was only natural I wanted to do something to commemorate him after he sadly passed away in 2015. 


At first it was a tattoo - However this tattoo was in the making for 6 years. In 2015 I was a tattoo novice, so when I asked a local tattoo artist if they could tattoo a Pirate and Native American Indian on two cinema seats, it was fair to say his reply wasn’t what I expected. I was told, one, this tattoo would be no good unless its the size of my back, and two, it would cost me near to £1000. So understandably, being the broke University student I was, the tattoo took a back seat. But the idea never left me. And whenever the conversation of tattoos came up with friends, I always said this would be something I would like to get, and more often than not always received a “ah man that’s a really cool idea”. Which I believe first started this idea in my head, that ‘SACANTICS' could be art. It could be something. It could be a brand.


Fast forward a year to 2016, and I was at my cousin’s wedding. A cousin of mine who was incredibly close to my Uncle Clive. And this is where the idea took on another level. I remember conversing with my cousin, the groom, while all the family were being directed by the photographer for group pictures - we got onto the conversation of Uncle Clive, wishing he was here, and then my cousin cooly winked and said, “He’s here. I got ‘SACANTICS’ written in my jacket.” And I just remember immediately smiling and thinking, that’s awesome. I love that. I’m not sure if this was the real subconscious catalyst for thinking 'SACANTICS' could be the name for a clothing brand, but I’m pretty sure it played a big part. 


Now it was 2019, post University graduation days, and as cliche as it sounds I was trying to find my way in the real world with this degree in Creative Advertising that I had fumbled my way through for the last 3 years. This led to a year of saving and eventually moving to London to take a copywriting job at an events marketing agency. Sounds great, but the reality was it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I think I was doing what I thought I had to do. And after 2 months of severely not enjoying London life, or the job, I remember speaking to my Mum on the phone and saying this isn’t for me. I want to come back home and do something I want to do. Something I will enjoy doing. Something that means something to me. And once again, it was 'SACANTICS' that came up. I remember saying “I have this idea…I just want to give it a go…I think 'SACANTICS' would make a cool name for a clothing brand.” So that was that. I left London, went back home to Suffolk, and got to it. Trying to do something I actually wanted to do that meant something to me. 


I took all I learnt from my advertising degree, and simply started with a pen and paper, and some brainstorming. As most would do, I googled the word 'SACANTICS' - thinking where did Clive get this word from? Is it even a word? Does it have a meaning? And after some digging, I found out the word actually doesn’t exist anywhere. The entire internet had nothing on 'SACANTICS'. Which to me just made it even more brilliant and epitomised my Uncle. So I felt if 'SACANTICS' was a word that was created by my Uncle Clive, there was really only two things this brand could be inspired by. And this is where the original idea for my tattoo comes back in. 


As previously mentioned my Uncle Clive was one of a kind and quite the quirky man. And when we were kids he always used to go on about Pirates and Native American Indians, hence why I initially wanted a Pirate and an Indian in my tattoo to commemorate him. These were two groups of people my Uncle had a sheer love and passion for, which sticks fondly in my memories when growing up. (A passion I imagine that came from growing up in the 1950’s watching many films of that genre and loving them). 


This got me thinking, how about a clothing brand that is inspired by these two groups of people? A clothing brand inspired by the values and lifestyles of a Golden Age Pirate and a 14th-19th Century Native American Indian. So the pen hit the paper, and I spent countless hours researching and experimenting with words, definitions, and synonyms.  


The 3 words that stuck were ‘Mavericks’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Adventure’. All of which influenced the logo and brands tagline when we finally launched in late 2020. However, through lots of failing and learning the brand has been gradually changing, adapting and coming into its own.


Since the Summer of 2023, I can finally say I really know and understand what 'SACANTICS' means. Like I say, it’s taken a lot of years and a lot of learning, but I finally feel like I’m in a place where the brand has its own voice that stands for something original. We have an official definition for the word. We have a passion for freedom, adventure and traditional tattoos. And most importantly, we have a vision. 


For me 'SACANTICS' will always deep down mean my Uncle and the word he created. But as a brand it means to live more like a Pirate and an Indian. Which at first you might think is bizarre, but when you break it down its really simple. And most significantly, can be used to be an inspirational and powerful way to look at life. You take the values, the lifestyles and the principles of a Golden Age Pirate and original Native American Indian and bring them into your own life and world.


The Golden Age Pirate for example. Who rejected the unfair existing order on land in favour of the romantic on sea. Escaped the drudgery of life and instead to live in a world of freedom and possible riches beyond their wildest dreams. Who lived nomadically and explored every corner of the seven seas. Whilst never letting the tyrants or oppressors stand in their way.


And then you have the 14th-19th Century Native American Indians. The indigenous peoples of the United States who lived with honour, spirit and without fear. Humble and spiritual people whose beautiful culture and ideology of the world is something to be inspired by and listened to. They knew and understood nature is far bigger and more important than all of us. Fearless and honourable, they cared and fought for their family and tribe whatever the stakes.  


This is what 'SACANTICS' is. This is what living SACANTICAL is all about.


A Final Word


I’ll be honest, I find the world weird. I don’t understand it. My way of thinking is different from the conventional. Whether for right or wrong, that depends on opinion. And I know my thinking has got a lot to do with my experiences and certainly battling OCD for a large proportion of my life which has made me see life very differently to others. But SACANTICS really mirrors how I see the world. What I think of it. That’s what makes me feel like this is something I should do. Your ‘calling’ or passion as they say. It’s corny, but it’s like it’s meant to be. So I have to do it. Because there’s nothing else in this world I’ve found so far that comes close to making me feel content or I’m doing the right thing as much as doing SACANTICS does. 


That’s why we’ve got to keep going. It’s what gives me purpose. And I honestly do believe the SACANTICAL life is what all good in life is really about - Family, friends, seeing the world, nature, being your own person, and not giving into the tyrants in life. 


So whatever you do in life, wherever you go, strive to live more SACANTICAL x


Lastly I must add, to a man who was the most original of them all, it goes without saying this brand is solely inspired by and dedicated to Clive Mumford and the quirky, honest, hardworking, wacky, caring, kind and hilarious aura he carried with him throughout life.


Here’s to you Uncle Clive x

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