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Who  are  we?

We’re an indie lifestyle clothing brand with a passion for freedom, adventure and traditional tattoos.


Born out of wild admiration for the golden age Pirate and original Native American Indian, the SACANTICS lifestyle is rooted in the values of the these two mavericks. We’re a clothing brand that celebrates the nomadic, outdoor and adventurous souls of this world, who don’t comply and succumb to the conventional way of living.

what  does  lIviNG  saCAntiCaL  mean?

It’s about getting out in nature. Seeing the world. Experiencing the senses of life. Never giving into the oppressors and tyrants. Whilst always living with honour, spirit and without fear.


Wherever you go in life, whatever you do, live more SACANTICAL x

Head  over  to  ‘Story’  to  learn  about  the  origins  of  SACANTICS

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