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If I’m going to talk about the SACANTICS logo, then it’s only right I go back to the start. Back to 2020, when SACANTICS clothing first went from an idea to reality.

As mentioned before many a time, I was always set on SACANTICS being the brand ‘inspired by the original mavericks’. Them two mavericks? The Golden Age Pirate, and the original Native American Indian.

But why ‘maverick’? As some of you may now, the word ‘maverick’ is two fold.

  1. An unorthodox and independent-minded person.

  2. An unbranded calf or yearling.

And both are relevant to SACANTICS and its distinctive logo. The forefront of the logo is an unbranded calf (a maverick), which doubles as a subtle salute to the independent-minded and unorthodox people this brand is inspired by.

But this wasn’t enough. I wanted to clearly get across that this brand is born out of wild admiration for these two mavericks. And as you can see, I went with the renowned pirate eye patch as a symbol for the Golden Age Pirate. And the revered Indigenous Native American feather as a symbol for the original Native American Indian. Thus creating, the SACANTICAL Maverick.

But why is it called ‘TATTOO FLASH’?

This bit is easy. (But quite long, so bear with us!) As explained on our STORY page, SACANTICS was created by my Uncle, who was an incredible person and true family man. I was very close to him whilst growing up, so when he sadly passed away in 2015 l wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate him. Which I finally was able to do in 2021.

At first it was a tattoo. A tattoo that ignited an idea for a clothing brand, but has now also progressed into a passion for tattoos. In particular, traditional tattoos.

Now 18 tattoos in, I have been getting more and more obsessed with trad tattoos, and the culture behind it. It’s something I take a real interest in, and love to learn about. And more importantly, it’s part of the direction I want to take SACANTICS clothing in. Therefore, I needed a logo that showed this.

With this new passion in full swing, I liaised with my tattoo artist from the North East, John Fawcett, to use his unique trad tattoo talent, knowledge and creativity to turn my SACANTICS logo into a piece of tattoo flash. Months later, we have it, the new ‘TATTOO FLASH MAVERICK’. A traditional tattoo take on our SACANTICAL Maverick.

Though you may be asking where does 'TATTOO FLASH’ come into it? And it’s a good question. Basically ‘Flash’ is a term in tattooing, and has been around for years. A flash tattoo is a design that is ready to be tattooed immediately and they come as you see them. The tattoo artist usually has a sheet or a book with their flash designs in, where people can come in and pick what ‘flash’ they want. The posted images of tattoo designs that you can find on the walls of almost every tattoo shop in the world are known as ‘flash’. Which usually serve as the decoration of a tattoo shop and can give the shop it’s own unique feel. (There goes our imagination into what a SACANTICS tattoo shop full of SACANTICAL flash designs would look like 😮‍💨🔥). And to make things even more symbolic, if you search the greats of traditional tattooing such as Bert Grimm, Owen Jensen, Charlie Wagner, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, (whose designs and motifs are still used in flash art to this day), you’ll be sure to see a nod to Pirates and Native American Indians in some of their work! (Bloody SACANTICAL that).

So there you have it, a little bit more of an insight into the meaning and process behind the new SACANTICS logo, which will be hitting our online shop very soon in the form of some seriously fire organic tees! Thanks for reading, and be sure to keep an eye out for our new drop!

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