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the  saCAnTiCS  EXpEditION

At SACANTICS we are firm believers in a ‘practise what you preach’ attitude. Where’s the authenticity in our brand if we don’t demand freedom and seek adventure’s ourselves! So with that being said, we are making it our mission by 2030 to complete the most SACANTICAL adventure our brand can think of to last a lifetime.


We set to travel to where else, but the iconic origins and homelands of the two SACANTICAL mavericks our brand is inspired by: USA in North America and The Caribbean.


USA, North America - the rightful home to the original founders of the nation, the Native American Indians. A mass of breathtaking land and nature, that should never be forgotten has endured horrific loss and history.


The Caribbean - the breeding ground and picturesque setting that boasts host to the Golden Age of Piracy. An abundance of unique islands, coves, lagoons and treacherous seas that have witnessed countless infamous Pirates, adventures and legends.


With this SACANTICAL journey beginning 4,481 miles away from us, we know its vital we pack as much culture, history, nature and SACANTICAL scenes into our time as efficiently possible. Through much research and planning, we have mapped out what we believe to be the best of the best expeditions an ordinary working man from Suffolk and his companions can realistically pull off and afford. 


So, without further ado, I introduce to you our North America and Caribbean expeditions. Click on either image below to discover the precise historic locations we shall be visiting in each expedition.

SACANTICS, North America Expedition

north  america

SACANTICS, Caribbean Expedition


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