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Native American Heritage Day, 27th November 2020

Friday 27th November 2020, also known as National Native American Heritage Day. An opportunity to celebrate the various cultures, art, religions, languages, music, and traditions of America’s Native People. However, Brian Perry, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma and a Native Hope ambassador, shares his poignant thoughts about the highly commercial day that was chosen as the national day to honour the Native American heritage and people of the USA. He states:

"As a Native American, I feel slighted. The day after Thanksgiving? Almost an afterthought. With November being Native American Heritage Month, there are 28 other days to select from with of course Thanksgiving having its long established day to itself. Why must we take a backseat to Thanksgiving? Why not the day before Thanksgiving?”

Brian continues:

“The day after Thanksgiving is one of the most irrelevant days of the year…What is the day after Thanksgiving known as in America? Black Friday—not Native American Heritage Day. It is a day when the American consumer plots out the best bargains at the best retailers at the best times to contribute to the American GDP. Not a word or mention in the mainstream media about Native American Heritage Day…Are we Native Americans the Forgotten America? Voices Unheard. When a national civil holiday occurs that hardly anyone knows about...I begin to wonder.”

Therefore here at SACANTICS, we don’t so much look at this day as just one day to be celebrated, but take this opportunity to highlight November is Native American Heritage Month. Established to honour and recognise Native Americans as the first people of the United States and to celebrate both their cultural heritage and integral importance to the United State’s past, present, and future.

In honour of Native American Heritage Month, we ask you to take a moment of your day to go out of your way to learn and understand the rich culture, tradition, and history of Native Americans and their status today, and to appreciate the contributions that First Americans have made and will continue to make to America.

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